Concussion Protocol

Safety is paramount for all children playing youth rugby.

As a result concussion is taken very seriously, and as parents, head coaches, coaches, referees and volunteers we must all act with the utmost caution if we suspect any player has suffered a bad knock to the head and therefore a potential concussion.

Outlined below is the concussion policy of the HKRU ( Hong Kong Rugby Union ) which we adhere to.

Please take time to read and understand it. For more information, please click here.

It is important to recognise the symptoms of Concussion. All parents, players and coaches are encouraged to read the World Rugby Concussion Guidance in parallel with the above here.

If you have any questions please speak to your respective Head Coach or you can contact Lucy Clarke; HKRU Head of Player Welfare and Medical, directly at:

Please also note at all Mini Rugby festivals first aid cover is provided by Lucy and her team at the HKRU.

So whether at a festival or during regular training sessions, if you suspect any player has suffered a bad knock to the head, please immediately inform the referee and/or head coach ( if he/she has not already noticed ) and the player will then receive due medical attention.


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