Concussion Protocol

Safety is paramount for all children playing youth rugby.

As a result concussion is taken very seriously, and as parents, head coaches, coaches, referees and volunteers we must all act with the utmost caution if we suspect any player has suffered a bad knock to the head and therefore a potential concussion.

Outlined below is the concussion policy of the HKRU ( Hong Kong Rugby Union ) which we adhere to.

Please take time to read and understand it.

If you have any questions please speak to your respective Head Coach or you can contact Lucy Clarke; HKRU Head of Player Welfare and Medical, directly at:

Please also note at all Mini Rugby festivals first aid cover is provided by Lucy and her team at the HKRU.

So whether at a festival or during regular training sessions, if you suspect any player has suffered a bad knock to the head, please immediately inform the referee and/or head coach ( if he/she has not already noticed ) and the player will then receive due medical attention.

HKRU Concussion Policy
Players suffering from concussion cannot return to play until:

  1. All symtoms have been cleared.
  2. They have followed “Graduated Return To Play” protocal ( GRTP )
  3. They have been medically cleared to return to play.

Age Group Minimum Rest Period After Concussion GRTP Minimum Time Out
U6-U19’s 14 days 6 days 21 days ( minimum two matches )

Graduated Return to Play – GRTP

Level Rehab Time
1 Completed mental and phyiscal rest until all symptoms have cleared Two weeks
2 Once symptom free, light walking or stationary cycling Two days
3 Rugby specific exercises such as ball handling and running only Two days
4 Non-contact training drills until medical clearance given and symptom free.
Medical clearance required to graduate to level 5.
Two days
5 Once medical clearance has been given can return to full contact training. Two days
6 Return to play

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